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Anxiety Management

Anxiety is a part of everyday life, and in some instances it can be really beneficial.

For example, if you are anxious about a job interview you might stay home to prepare rather than going out with friends. Put simply, a little anxiety can act as a motivator, but too much can result in an increased heart rate, sweating, chest pain, trembling, breathing difficulties, light headedness, tingling and numbness. High levels of anxiety can also make it difficult to concentrate and sleep, which can then result in relationship difficulties. Anxiety symptoms can present turning into panic attacks, social anxiety, a phobia and specific fears, obsessions and compulsions, and excessive worry or general anxiety.

We can teach you strategies to manage anxiety so that you live a more productive and contented life. The Beyond Blue website has useful symptom checklists and general information on anxiety.

For more information about therapy, counselling and support for anxiety difficulties in Gosford and other Central Coast areas please contact us.