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Managing Chronic Pain

Therapy and pain relief for those in Gosford and other Central Coast suburbs

Seeing a psychologist about pain does not mean that that the pain is in your head. It’s likely that the pain is very real and pain management would benefit you. Pain management is useful for any sort of pain including back pain, sciatica, headaches, neck pain, etc.

While the focus of the pain management will vary slightly depending on the nature and location of the pain, most of the techniques are applicable to any chronic pain condition.

It is unlikely that a pain management program will eliminate your pain. Some people do experience a reduction in pain as a result of learning pain management techniques, but this is not the goal of psychological pain therapy. Instead, we aim teach you techniques that will help you live an active and fulfilling life despite the presence of persistent pain. We also address the problems that are typically associated with chronic pain like depression, anxiety and relationship pressures.

For more information about treatment and support for pain related difficulties please contact us.