Psychological Benefits of Activity


Ever since the days of the “Life Be in It” campaign to get Norm off the couch, the positive impact of an active lifestyle on physical health has been widely promoted. You may also have noticed that when you exercise or participate in a pleasant activity, you experience a lift in mood or perhaps symptoms that are associated with depression or anxiety have reduced? Just as for Norm though, even if this makes sense, it can be hard to get started or to persevere with an activity programme.

One thing that can help is to set some realistic goals that are meaningful for you. It does not have to be to run a marathon or climb Everest. Perhaps you would just like to walk to the park and back with the kids or get back on that surfboard that used to be such a big part of your life? Once the goal is set, a structured and paced approach to upgrading activity can also help to avoid you overdoing things too soon and becoming discouraged.

If you are having difficulty getting going, Psychologists can help with goal setting, identifying and scheduling meaningful activities. This can have the joint effect of improving both physical and emotional well-being.

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