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Sex Related Difficulties

Therapy and counseling for sex related difficulties in the greater Gosford and Central Coast area

Many people encounter sexual problems at some point in their life and when this happens it can be embarrassing and distressing. Psychological problems rather than physical ones often cause sexual difficulties. Stress, tiredness, physical illness, financial and work pressures, relationship problems and the presence of a newborn in the household are just some of the things that can cause sexual difficulties. More often than not sexual problems are temporary. If the problem persists, it’s advised that you seek help. Common sexual problems include loss of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, painful intercourse; sex avoidance, vaginismus, anorgasmia, performance anxiety, mismatched libido or sex drives as well as differing sexual preferences.

If you are experiencing a loss of libido, no longer enjoying sex, fearful of having sex or feeling pain during sex, then you would benefit from talking to a psychologist. Not all difficulties are psychological, but the psychological aspect needs to be explored so that the problem or problems can be remedied.

Sex therapy provides guidance, support, sexual knowledge and skills to improve the sexual relationship.

For more information about therapy, counselling and support for sex-related difficulties please contact us.