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Workplace or Career Issues

Helping resident in Gosford and other suburbs of The Central Coast find their direction in life

We spend a large proportion of our lives in the workplace, so it has a substantial effect on our general wellbeing. It provides us with our financial base, our feelings of security, a focus of purpose and achievement (and even for some, their identity), our interactions with individuals and groups of colleagues and sense of belonging. Unfortunately the work environment is not always a people-friendly one and many problems can, and do, occur, causing high levels of stress, unhappiness and loss of our ability to be productive. When things go wrong in the workplace, it has a marked impact on our whole being, both physically and psychologically. It is therefore critically important to resolve difficulties as early as possible, and in the most effective way, in order to prevent long-term ill-effects.

Here are some of the work-related issues that cause distress, and which we help our Gosford and other Central Coast clients deal with:

  • Inappropriate Workload and poor Job Design, resulting in role confusion, overload, poor performance and burnout

  • Work performance – issues relating to underperformance and handling performance reviews

  • Time management, Planning and Organising

  • Coping with Change in the Workplace

  • Management issues, especially the effects of poor people-management skills (from manager and staff perspectives)

  • Management Coaching, especially in people-management skills

  • Bullying and Harassment

  • Workplace Conflict

  • “Personality clashes”

  • Preparation for Mediation

  • Workplace Injuries – Pain Management and support in Return to Work/Functioning

  • Career – clarification, development, progression and re-direction (including preparation for a fulfilling Retirement)

  • Work/Life Balance

For more information about therapy and counselling for workplace or career related difficulties please contact us.