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Drug, Alcohol & other Addictions

Addictions come in number of guises and can take a serious toll on your physical and psychological health. Addictions are common throughout Australian society and can happen to the best of people. If you’re located in or around Gosford or The Central Coast and need help recovering from, or managing an addiction, we’d like to help you.

Drug Addiction Counselling

With the emergence of new technologies there are now a growing number of “soft” addictions. These addictions relate to things like pornography, sex, online computer gaming, shopping and gambling. “Hard addictions” are those involving substances like alcohol, nicotine, cannabis, amphetamines, stimulants, hallucinogens and prescription medication.

Alcohol Addiction Counselling

Drug and or alcohol addiction often begins with using substances to block out emotionally difficult experiences. Using substances to shift unpleasant feelings is not usually a conscious decision, although it can be, but rather a habit that develops over time. As the pattern develops, the substance use often becomes a problem of it’s own. What may have looked like a solution, can lead to a progressive and sometimes fatal issue.

We can work with you to explore how the addiction developed and help you learn alternate coping strategies so that you can cope with the challenges of life.

Take the online test to see if you are drinking alcohol at dangerous levels. If you take the test and would like to discuss your scores, you can print them out and bring them along to your appointment.

For more information about therapy and counselling for addiction related difficulties please contact us.