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Self Esteem

Your self-esteem is affected by what you think others think about you. The interactions you have with significant others (especially parents, siblings, peers, teachers, mentors, children, employers and romantic partners) shapes your self-esteem. As we mature, self-esteem becomes anchored more from an internal compass, a sense of whether or not we are living according to our own values. Once we’ve developed our self -image it can be resistant to change.

As we mature, we develop a story or “schema” about ourselves and it begins to define us. We can help you explore what your schemas are and how they impact your sense of self. We can also help you explore how your various schemas impact your interactions with others as well as your day-to-day functioning.

If you have low self-esteem you might experience regular feelings of anxiety. Your stress tolerance may be low and you may feel lonely much of the time. You might also notice your relationships with others are not satisfying, and you may feel that you are under functioning in your work or study. These unpleasant feelings may cause you to turn to drugs or alcohol as a form of escape.

Most of us have a sense of what we need to do to bring about positive change in our life but some of us have barriers that get in the way of us making changes. Some barriers to change are addiction, trauma and negative core beliefs such as; “I’m unworthy,” “I don’t deserve” and “I’m unlovable.” We can provide you with strategies to overcome these barriers and move towards a happier life.

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